Welcome to TokenSight.

TokenSight is a self-custodial DEX Trading Platform. It allows you to trade across many chains, automate your trading operations and receive real-time actionable alerts for on-chain activity.

Everything enabled through web and mobile UIs with a seamless UX and self-custodial wallets. Additionally we offer a fully-featured Telegram Bot for fast and convenient trading experience.

Why TokenSight

The current trading experience across DEXes and various trading platforms requires many interactions to perform a trade operation (i.e a token buy or a sell), which include browser wallet (i.e MetaMask, Rabby etc.) popups for approvals, signing transactions as well as signing messages to prove wallet ownership. When trading with a hardware wallet, you have extra steps of signing transaction on the actual hardware device.

This is all great, but these interactions prevent you from getting the price action right when you need it. On-chain trading is all about speed, and being able to trade with minimal effort is key to having a great experience.

TokenSight platform offers a secure, self-custodial trading experience which is all about speed and efficiency, all via a single web interface:

  1. No more interactions with your browser or even your hardware wallet. Create your integrated self-custodial wallet linked to a single passkey only you own to trade quickly & efficiently across many chains.

  2. Buy/Sell tokens quickly with secure, hardware-like wallets across many chains.

  3. Buy/Sell any token with a single click.

  4. Instantly buy new & trending tokens.

  5. Keep track of all your trades & portfolio performance of your wallets in a single place.

  6. Configure limit and take profit orders across many chains. Buy/sell at the most favourable rate at the execution time; a dip below the configured limit order price will buy the token at the lowest price, not the configured price, in order to ensure you maximise profits.

  7. Copy trade wallets and snipe new token launches.

  8. Receive various alerts for on-chain activity.

This documentation provides in-depth guides for the different features offered by TokenSight, intended to help you get onboarded quickly and make the most of the platform.

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