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Learn how to trade on TokenSight

Follow this guide to get started with trading on TokenSight. Additionally, check out our in-depth guides and explainers about our trading features:

Quick Start Guide

To trade a token, first choose the target chain in the top left chain selector.

You can search a token by its symbol, address or pair address. The selected token data will be shown in the chart, along with the token-related info in the Pro Mode.

By default, the Buy -> Market options are selected in the trading component, which will trigger an instant buy of the token. You can create a limit order by selecting Buy -> Limit, or a sell order by selecting Sell -> Market, or a take profit order by selecting Sell -> Limit (TP) or Limit (SL).

Submit a Trade

Submitting a trade is very simple. You need to select the desired wallet you are trading with, enter the amount to trade, and click Add Order. The default trade settings will work just fine for most trades.

Once you submit the order, you can track its progress in an info toast that shows up on the top right corner of the application. You can view the transaction as its progressing on chain by clicking the View Transaction button.

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