🪙Trading Rewards

Earn points for every trade you make and redeem for TKST and other rewards.

TokenSight features a built-in point system which allows you to earn points for every trade, besides the referral and volume-based discounts.

The following table shows the points you can earn for different actions

ActionFixed PointsExtra Points

Set up a Secure Wallet



Successful Secure Wallet trade



Successful Buy or Sell


0.01 point per 1$ of volume*

Successful Limit Order


0.01 point per 1$ of volume*

Successful Copy Trade


0.01 point per 1$ of volume*

Successful Token Snipe


0.01 point per 1$ of volume

* 0.011 points for buying $TKST

The accumulated points do not have an expiration date, and you will be able to redeem those for different types of rewards later on.


Initially the points can be used for redeeming TKST tokens. The TokenSight Point:TKST ratio is not yet determined.

The TKST rewards mechanism will be announced soon.

The TKST rewards will not be distributed fully from the EcoSystem reserve, but TKST tokens will be market bought and then distributed.

Earned points view

You can track the total accumulated points in the User Profile dialog.

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