The simplest Telegram Trading Bot experience across 9 EVM chains and Solana.

To start trading instantly, visit our: - standalone quick start guide - companion mode (connect with the bot with the app) start guide

TokenSight Telegram Trading Bot provides an easy and convenient user experience for trading tokens across 10 Chains, via Telegram.

Unique trading experience

The TokenSight Telegram Bot is the first Telegram bot that provides trading via Secure Self-Custodial wallet. Our feature rich telegram bot enables easy and convenient trading experience, while having full self-custody of your wallets.

Trading with Secure Self-Custodial Wallets on Telegram is only available in Companion mode (you need to connect the Telegram Bot with the TokenSight app).

Different Modes

The bot can be used in two modes:

  1. Standalone Mode (No Account on TokenSight Web App necessary)

  2. Companion Mode (Connected with the TokenSight Web App)

We recommend trading in Companion mode. With this mode you can leverage the platform features to it's full extent, and enjoy the security benefits of the Secure Self-Custodial Wallets.

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