👨‍👦‍👦Referral Links

Built-in incentives to promote usability and growth.

As a TokenSight user, you can refer other users to the platform with your unique referral link, and earn more from their generated fees.

The fees from the referred users will be split between you and the Treasury (Token Holders + Treasury), based on the following proportions:

GroupFee Distribution (%)

Referrer (you)


Token Holders & Treasury


A simple example is shown below: Bob refers TokenSight to Alice, and Alice has a trading volume of $100.000 in the first month. If the charged fee per transaction is 0.9% (see the current fees here), The fees generated from Alice are summed up to $900, which need to be distributed between Bob & the ecosystem, based on the fee distribution table. This means the following:

  • $225 for Bob

  • $675 for the ecosystem (which will be distributed to Token Holders and Treasury in 75% - 25% ratio respectively)

Use the Referrals page to get your unique referral link, check your stats and withdraw the collected amount. The earned amounts from referrals are updated daily.

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