Learn more about the TokenSight Platform trading Fees

We're running a trading fee discount promotion: - 0.4% fees for non-referred users - 0.3% fees for referred users The promotion will be active until end of April.

Active Trading Fee Reduction Promotion

General fee Structure

The TokenSight platform is free to use, however a small fee is charged on certain trading pairs.

The charged fee is usually between 0.9%-1% (at the moment there is 70%-60% fee discount promotion, and the fees are 0.3%-0.4%), but can vary and is dependent on:

Additionally fee discounts might be earned in competitions in the future.

The following table is an comprehensive overview of the TokenSight trading fees.

The fee discounts are additive. For example if the user is a referred user and is eligible for volume fee discount, he will get both discounts.

Revenue sharing

75% of the platform fees are used for revenue sharing amongst token holders. You can read more about it here.

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