⛑️Common errors

Learn more about the common errors you might receive

The TokenSight Trade orders are simulated before execution.

In rare events a successfully simulated Trade Order might fail on-chain.

This usually happens because price might slip and move out of your preferred range.

Not enough native currency for the transaction

Your transaction is failing because of not enough native currency for paying for gas costs.

Make sure you have enough funds for gas in your wallet. Additionally check the Trade Order settings: Gas Mode and Validator Tip. High Validator Tip can have a significant impact on the transaction cost.

Solana transaction failed

Transactions on Solana can fail due to various reasons, although most issues can be attributed to network congestion and slippage. Solana is not reliable chain where transactions can be easily dropped or not even included at all. TokenSight uses very reliable nodes to forward transactions to validators with high confidence.

However you must ensure a high-enough slippage for proper transaction execution. In addition to that, the selected Gas mode defines the fee that is paid to the validator. Instant mode includes ~0.02 SOL as a validator tip to ensure instant execution of the transaction. If you don't want to pay such high fees, use the Normal or Fast gas modes.

Private transaction not executed

The private transactions might not always be included in a block. They are submitted to validators privately, and validators can chose not to include them in a block.

However using relatively high validator tip (10+ GWEI) will significantly increase the probability of your transaction being included in the next block.

Slippage too low

Sometimes transactions might fail because the price at execution slipped more than your maximum price slippage tolerance.

This can happen in high volatility events, or simply because some transaction moved the price out of your preferred range.

To solve this issue, please set a higher slippage for your transaction.

Stuck withdraw transactions

Withdraw transactions are submitted with normal gas settings.

If there is a sudden gas spike, your transactions might take more time to be processed on the network. If the transaction is dropped, you will need to re-submit the transaction.

Please take not that this is a very rare occurrence and the transactions are usually processed instantly.

At the moment we do not have priority preferences for withdraw transactions. We are going to add this feature in the future.

Insufficient liquidity for the trade

The liquidity pool has not enough liquidity for the trade. Please make sure the token is valid/tradable or chose another liquidity pool, in case of manual liquidity pool selection.

Unknown error

An error happened which cause cannot be determined automatically.

This sometimes happens if a there is a blacklisted pool for the traded token.

The team is actively monitoring failed trades via highly responsive error reporting system, however do not hesitate to report the issue at the following form: https://forms.gle/DyGQp6VYY17h36V18

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