Create your TokenSight account and self-custodial wallet and start trading instantly.

This guide will help you get started with TokenSight in ~5 minutes and will walk you through creating a TokenSight account, a self-custodial wallet, funding the wallet and submitting your first trade.

1. Create your TokenSight Account

Before you decide to create an account on TokenSight, you can first see what it's all about. Once you are ready, click on Sign In button.

You have several options for creating an account on TokenSight:

  1. Email + Password

  2. Email + Passkey (Passwordless; read more about passkeys here)

  3. Ethereum Wallet

Signing up with an Ethereum wallet is a passwordless alternative for using the platform - you will not be using that wallet for trading on the platform.

Once you sign up, you will see that a Simple Wallet has been already created for you. This is done to simplify your onboarding experience, as you can start trading right away by sending funds to your wallet (native currency, ERC-20 tokens for supported EVM chains and SPL tokens for Solana).

For self-custodial trading experience, it is recommended to setup your Secure Wallet. If you want to get started quickly with trading and set up the secure wallet later on, skip this section and jump directly to the next one.

In order to trade on Solana, you need to have a Secure Wallet.

You can set up a self-custodial wallet by navigating to Wallets -> Add Wallet section, which should show you a dialog to setup a Secure Wallet.

Follow the steps for creating the secure wallet with your passkey, and refer to the full guide for setting up Secure Wallets.

3. Deposit funds to your wallet

Navigate to Wallets -> Deposit section for the wallet you like to trade with, copy the Ethereum or Solana address, sends funds to it and you are ready to trade.

The Ethereum address works across all supported EVM chains on the platform, while the Solana address works for trading only on Solana. You need to send chain-native currency to the address in order to trade and pay for gas. You can also send any ERC-20 or SPL token to Ethereum and Solana addresses respectively, and you can trade those tokens within the app.

4. Submit your first trade

Once you have funded the wallet, navigate to Trade page, select the chain you like to trade on, search the token you like to trade in the Search bar (by its token or pair address, or its symbol), enter the desired amount to buy and click Add Order.

Once executed, your order will appear in the menu at the bottom in the My Trades section (which you can expand to full height and collapse).

Next Steps

Congratulations! You already know everything you need to trade on TokenSight. Continue with the guide to deep dive into more details about:

  • security and self-custody

  • customising your orders for best execution to suit your needs

  • automating actions

  • configuring alerts

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