Import Wallet

Bring your existing wallets on Ethereum & Solana and trade securely on TokenSight. It takes 2 minutes to get started.

You can now securely import your existing wallet into TokenSight and benefit from its trading engine without sacrificing security.

Importing your own wallet can be done using passkeys, following the same principles we have applied for Secure Wallets. Importing your existing wallet is done via a secure connection to a secure cloud enclave, managed by Turnkey, and only you can authorise TokenSight to perform limited activities on your behalf. Your private key remains secure and can never be accessed by TokenSight or any other platform. It can only be accessed by your passkey.

Importing a wallet is very simple and takes 2 minutes.

1. Create a passkey

Navigate to the Wallets page, and click on Import Wallet. It will prompt you to create a passkey which will allow you to securely import the wallet. This passkey will be used to interact with your wallet and authorise different operations on that wallet.

Passkeys are a safer and easier alternative to passwords. With passkeys, you can sign in to apps and websites with a biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint or facial recognition), PIN, or pattern, freeing you from having to remember and manage passwords. You can sync your passkeys across different devices you own, and store them securely on the cloud. Largest companies like Apple, Google etc. allow you to manage passkeys and sync across devices in a very simple way so you never lose them. Learn more about passkeys:

2. Import your wallet

You can import your Ethereum wallet, or Solana wallet, or both. A secure wallet on TokenSight can be used to trade on any supported EVM chain as long as it has an Ethereum address, and on Solana as long as it has a Solana address. You need to import one of these wallets.

First of all, export & copy the private key from your wallet (ex. Metamask, Rabby, Phantom etc.) by following the wallet-respective guides for exporting the private keys, ex. Metamask Private Key Export.

Navigate back to TokenSight Secure Wallet Import dialog, and click on Import on the desired wallet you like to import. In this guide, we will show Ethereum wallet import, which you can use across any supported EVM chain.

After pasting the Ethereum wallet private key, click on Import and the wallet will be securely imported in the cloud enclave.

You can import another wallet later on, in the same TokenSight wallet.

3. Grant TokenSight read permissions

Once the wallet is imported (or both Ethereum and Solana wallets are imported if you are importing both) , you can see the associated addresses and check if they match with your existing addresses. You can deposit ETH or any ERC20 token on that wallet straight away, however it is not yet ready for trading on TokenSight as you haven't provided any trading permission yet. You need to first grant permissions to TokenSight to read your wallet data, and in this step you need to provide another signature with your wallet's passkey and authorise this operation.

4. Allow TokenSight to trade on your behalf

In the wallet settings page, you can manage the trading permissions you grant TokenSight. Read more about trading permissions in the Secure Wallets section.

As shown in the image above, you can import a Solana wallet into the same TokenSight wallet later on whenever you are ready to trade on Solana, using the wallet passkey.

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