🥷Basic Mode

Trade in Basic Mode

Trading with self-custodial wallets (Secure Wallets) is not enabled in Basic Mode. Please use the Secure Mode for trading with Secure Self-Custodial Wallets.

Quick start guide

  1. Go to: https://t.me/tokensight_trading_bot?start and connect with your telegram account

  2. Choose Basic Mode

  3. (Optional) Select chain

  4. Deposit funds (ETH or other based on the chain)

  5. Paste or forward a Token Address

  6. Select Amount

  7. Buy

More details

If you are a Telegram enthusiast and don't like Web or Mobile UIs, you can get started with TokenSight Trading bot by using the following link and starting a chat with the bot:

Starting a chat with the bot creates a Simple Wallet for you that you can fund and trade across all supported EVM chains and Solana.

Please consider all the security aspects of the Simple Wallets when deciding to trade with the bot.

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