Delegate a Secure Wallet

Learn how to delegate a secure wallet

TokenSight allows you to delegate your Secure Wallet to another TokenSight account in order for them to trade on your behalf.

First of all, the target user you are delegating the wallet to needs to retrieve their User Id and forward that to you via some messaging channel.

You can delegate a wallet by clicking on the Delegate Access button in the wallet management dialog, and by pasting the received target User ID. You can remove the delegation of that wallet anytime.

The following conditions apply when delegating a wallet:

  1. The wallet is controlled only by your passkey. This means that all wallet-related operations that require a passkey signature can only be performed by you.

  2. The delegated account can perform any type of trade on TokenSight on your behalf, only if the wallet has the necessary trading permission.

  3. The delegated account can view all the trades made with that account.

  4. You can remove the delegation of the wallet anytime.

  5. The delegated account CANNOT export the private seed from the wallet.

  6. The delegated account CANNOT change the wallet trading permissions.

  7. The delegated account CANNOT withdraw funds from the wallet.

Example: You have created a "Secure Wallet Solana - xyz" on your account, and you want to delegate it to another account with ID 123456, while allowing the user to only trade on Solana. In the Manage Wallet dialog, you need to only enable Trade on Solana permission with your wallet's passkey. Then, you click on Delegate Access button, paste the User ID in the respective field, and click Delegate.

The target user will then see the wallet in their dashboard, and they will be ready to trade. You can always remove the delegated account, but clicking on Remove Delegated Access.

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