📄Contract Create

Get notified for newly created Smart Contracts in real time

New Contracts alerts enable you to track new Smart Contract deployments in real time. Additionally you can select a specific deployer so you can get notified when a certain well known address (well known developer or protocol) deploys a smart contract.

These events can help you be amongst the first to know about important project launches as well as highly anticipated events, and build automation around it.

Use cases

  • Get notified when new ERC20 tokens get launched

  • Get notified when new NFT Collections get launched

  • Track specific deployer address for new project deployments (e.g well known developer, NFT projects etc).


You can configure Contract Create tracking alerts through the Contract Create / New Contracts option under the Alerts section in the TokenSight app. Click the Add Alert button in the top right corner.

The basic configuration allows you to add:

  • Name - the name of the Contract Create alert.

  • Contract Creator - address or label for the Contract Creator - by default empty - track all newly created contracts deployed by anyone.

  • Contract Types - the type for the newly created contracts to get notified for (All, ERC20, ERC721, Others) - by default All Contracts - tracks all the newly created contracts.

  • Enabled Chains - the chains where the new contracts are deployed - by default Ethereum.

The following configuration represents a sample alert configuration with name "Andre Cronje contracts", which tracks all the newly created contracts by Andre Cronje, on all chains.

After configuring the alert, you can press the Add Alert button. From this moment on you will get notified over Telegram for each transaction that matches with the alert configuration.

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