Get notified for DEX liquidity and new pair listing events

Liquidity alerts enable you to get notified in real time about liquidity changes as well as new token DEX listing events. These alerts can help you perform better analytics for the behaviour of specific tokens that you are interested in.

Additionally liquidity alerts can be used for sniping when certain tokens are listed in a DEX and liquidity is added to the relevant pools.

Use cases

This feature enables the following use-cases:

  • Getting notified about adding and removing liquidity events, which can help you gain better insights about the state of the pool (rug pulls, hacks, de-peg events)

  • Getting notified when a new token gets listed for trading on a DEX - a great way to spot new tokens or to get notified about anticipated token listing event.


You can configure Liquidity tracking alerts through the Liquidity option under the Alerts section in the TokenSight app. Click the Add Alert button in the top right corner.

The basic configuration allows you to add:

  • Name - name of the alert

  • Enabled Tokens - tokens for which to track liquidity events - by default All Tokens

  • Minimum Liquidity - the minimum liquidity (expressed in USDC currency/token) to get notified for - by default 1 (you will get notified for all liquidity events with value > 1)

After configuring the alert, you can press the Add Alert button. From this moment on you will get notified over Telegram for each transaction that matches with the alert configuration.

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