📈Price change

Get price change and trend formation alerts in real time.

Price change alerts enable you to track price changes for various tokens on different intervals. The price change notifications provide information about changes in price for a token, denominated in percentage or raw amounts in a selected time interval.

Use cases

Some of the use cases this feature can be used for are given below:

  • Trend formations for well known tokens - significant price increase in specific interval (e.g last 1 hour, last 4 hours)

  • Discovering low market cap tokens to trade - large price increases in short timeframes.

  • Any kind of trend following activities.


You can configure Price Change tracking alerts through the Price Change option under the Alerts section in the TokenSight app. Click the Add Alert button in the top right corner.

The basic configuration allows you to add:

  • Name - name of the alert

  • Selected Tokens - tokens for which to track price change activity

  • Minimum Change - the minimum change of price for which you should get notified on (e.g get notified for price changes above 20%)

  • Time period - the timeframe for which you want to get notified for price changes (e.g change of at least 20% in the last 1 hour)

The following configuration represents an alert with name "FXS Price Change", which triggers alerts if the USDC value of the FXS token changes at least 20% within an hour.

After configuring the alert, you can press the Add Alert button. From this moment you will get notified over Telegram for each transaction that matches the alert configuration.

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