👮‍♂️Wallet tracking

Track your favourite wallets for any on-chain activity.

Wallet tracking alerts allow you to get notified for any on-chain activity of various wallets you are interested in on a granular level.

Besides native and ERC20 token transfers, you will get notifications for:

  • Approvals

  • ERC721 and ERC1155 token transfers and approvals

  • DEX operations (swapping, adding liquidity, etc)

  • Decentralised derivative exchange operations

  • DeFi protocol activities.

Use Cases

Some of the use-cases enabled by this feature:

  • Tracking whales for token buy/sell signals

  • Get to know when large amount of tokens will potentially be exchanged (via approval events)

  • Tracking hacked fund flows

  • ... and much more


You can configure Wallet tracking alerts through the Wallet option under the Alerts section in the TokenSight app. Click the Add Alert button in the right top corner.

The basic configuration allows you to add a Name for the alert, as well as the blockchain address you want to track. By default all the activity for the wallet will be tracked, on all chains and for all tokens.

You can also customise the following configuration for the alert:

  • Tokens - only the specific tokens you want to get notified for

  • Minimum and Maximum amount to get notified for (in USDC or in any token value)

  • Incoming or Outgoing transactions for the address, or both.

After finishing the configuration of the alert based on your needs, you can press the Add Alert button, and you are all set to receive instant alerts as soon as an activity happens.

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