▶️Copy Trading

Copy the trades of any wallet.

Copy trading is temporarily paused. We are working on a multichain version (for all supported chains - not only Ethereum Mainnet), with more granularity and better reliability, which will also be supported in the TokenSight's Telegram Trading Bot. We want to deliver superior products and we are engineering a new and improved version of TokenSight Copy-Trading.

TokenSight Copy Trading enables copying the trades of any wallet. Currently we support copying Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3 trades.

The trades are executed either after the original trade was included in a given block or before the original trade. This can be controlled by the user, but it's mainly dependent on data availability for the original trade; if the original trade was not submitted in the mempool, the copy-trade can't be executed before the original.


You can add Copy Trading orders by going to the Copy Trading dashboard under the DEX Trading section.

The Copy Trading order configuration enables you to configure the following details:

  • Wallet: The wallet that will be used to execute the trade order.

  • Name: The name/label of the copy trading configuration.

  • Wallet To Copy: The Ethereum address to copy.

  • Max Copy Amount (ETH): The maximum amount to copy-trade, per trade. The amount is entered in ETH.

  • [Coming Soon] Frontrunning: Specify if the copy-trade should frontrun the original trade (will only be executed if the original trade is submitted in the mempool)

  • Fixed Amount (ETH): Regardless of the value of the transaction, you will always execute a trade with the specified fixed amount in ETH. For example, if the Max Copy Amount is 5 ETH, while the Fixed Amount is 1 ETH, every transaction the target trader makes will result in a transaction of 1 ETH on your side.

  • Include Larger Transactions: By default, only transactions with a value up to Max Copy Amount will be considered. When you want to track larger transactions, but either copy a fixed amount or the max copy amount, enable this option. This will ensure you can never be scammed by someone who knows is being copied and will make trades to honeypot tokens.

Execution details

When a copy-trading order needs to be executed, the selected wallet's balance must be greater than or equal to the amount of the original transaction + ETH Amount for gas. A sufficiently high gas price is used (based on the current gas price) to ensure the order is executed efficiently.

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