🎯Token Launch Sniping

Be among the first to buy a token when it's listed on a DEX.

The TokenSight Token Sniper is currently paused. We are working on a TokenSight Super Sniper - a multichain version (for all supported chains - not only Ethereum Mainnet), with more granularity and better reliability, which will also be supported in the TokenSight's Telegram Trading Bot. We want to deliver superior products and we are engineering a new and improved version of the TokenSight Token Sniper.

What is Token Sniping?

Token Sniping is buying a certain token as early as possible - usually when the token is enabled for trading.

This usually occurs once a liquidity pool is created and liquidity is added to the pool, with the initial addition of liquidity determining the token price. In rare cases, a token becomes tradable a few blocks after liquidity is added by calling a special function on the token smart contract.

Liquidity can be added:

  1. Directly (by calling one of the DEX smart contracts) or indirectly (by calling a custom contract, which in turn calls a DEX smart contract).

  2. By using a private transaction (not visible in the Mempool) or non-private transaction (visible in the Mempool).

All these details matter for token sniping and can have a significant impact on how token sniping is performed.

The TokenSight Token Sniper

The TokenSight Token sniper enables the purchase of a token when liquidity is added for the first time in a $TOKEN/WETH pool on both Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3 DEXs.

It supports both Mempool and Private transaction token sniping

When should it be used?

The TokenSight Token Sniper should be used to purchase a new, not-yet-listed token for trading, whose address is known upfront.

It is recommended for users that want to buy the token as early as possible, in one of the following methods:

  • In block 0 (the same block where liquidity is added), if the liquidity add transaction is available in the Mempool (public transaction), or

  • In block 1 if the liquidity add transaction is not available in the Mempool.

If the token is already listed on a DEX, you should use the instant Token Buy Order feature instead.

Why should you use sniping instead of manually buying a token?

The TokenSight Token Sniper provides convenience and speed of execution — something that cannot be achieved with manual buys.

Interacting with a DEX UI (such as Uniswap) can be a slow process; you need to set the correct slippage, gas parameters, and confirm a transaction multiple times. Additionally, orders cannot be configured upfront.

While the TokenSight Token Buy Order improves this experience significantly, it's not designed for Token Sniping.

During new token launches, there is typically a lot of activity and demand for the new token, requiring certain tweaks in the transaction execution parameters (slippage, higher tip) for successful execution.

The timing when the order gets executed has a significant impact on the token amount that will be bought — even a time difference of a few seconds can result in a multiple-fold increase in token price.

Manually buying (through a browser extension wallet or a platform like TokenSight) is inefficient for Token Sniping, as the order will be executed a few blocks later than the liquidity add event.

How does it work internally?

The TokenSight Token Sniper works by monitoring liquidity-added events on Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3.

When liquidity is added (or a transaction is being sent to add liquidity and is publicly available in the Mempool), the TokenSight Token Sniper creates a bundle with all the Token Sniper configurations, sorted by validator tip.

The TokenSight Token Sniper always uses private transactions for sniping; thus, you shouldn't worry about being sandwich attacked.

If the transaction is a Mempool transaction, buying will be attempted in block 0 (as early as possible). Otherwise, sniping will be attempted in block 1.

Additionally, if the token snipe at block 0 fails, it can be re-attempted at block 1.

When the TokenSight Token Sniper shouldn't be used?

The TokenSight Token Sniper should not be used when:

  • The token is already live and trading (please use TokenSight Token Buy Order instead).

  • You don't have a preference for the timing of buying the token. If buying on launch and buying after 5 minutes doesn't make a difference for you, it's better to use TokenSight Token Buy Order.

Additionally, the TokenSight Token Sniper should not be used when:

  • The token will not be listed on Uniswap V2 or Uniswap V3, or the base token is not WETH/ETH (we currently don't support sniping on pairs other than $TOKEN/WETH).

  • Token trading is enabled through a special function, and liquidity is not added simultaneously. Currently, we do not support sniping tokens that enable trading after liquidity is added.

In all other cases you can use the TokenSight Token Sniper with high confidence.

Creating a Token Sniping order

You can add Token Sniping orders by going to the Token Sniping dashboard under the DEX Trading section.

The Token Sniping order configuration enables you to configure the following details:

  • Name: The name/label of the sniping configuration

  • Wallet: The wallet that will be used to execute the trade order. Token Sniping is supported only through Simple Wallets at the moment (signing through a Secure Wallets is slower, which has impact on the performance).

  • Token Address: The token contract address to snipe.

  • Amount In (ETH): ETH Amount to use for sniping; how much ETH you are willing to spend on buying the token.

  • Max Slippage: The maximum amount of slippage. It's recommended to use a higher slippage to guarantee execution.

  • Mempool Snipe: Wether to snipe the token as soon as liquidity add transaction is detected in the Mempool (applicable for when liquidity is added in a non private transaction).

  • Snipe After Launch: Whether to snipe the token if liquidity was added in a private transaction (not visible in the Mempool) or when Mempool sniping failed.

  • Validator Tip (ETH) - Mempool Snipe: Validator tip for sniping the token for Mempool sniping (optional)

  • Validator Tip (ETH) - Snipe After Launch: Validator tip for sniping the token when the add liquidity transaction was not a Mempool transaction or when Mempool sniping failed

If the token is bought, only one of the provided validator tips will be used depending how the token will be sniped.

Things to consider when using Token Sniping

The TokenSight Token Sniper doesn't always guarantee execution.

The transaction execution depends on several factors, with the most important being the validator tip and the slippage used.

Additionally, TokenSight might not always be the first to snipe tokens, or the sniping attempt might fail completely.

If a competitive bundle offers a larger validator tip, they will snipe the token first. The TokenSight Token Sniper aims to buy the token in block 0 or block 1 after liquidity is added. If the token is not bought in these blocks, the sniping will fail. Currently, the TokenSight Token Sniper is optimised for executing as soon as possible or not executing at all.

Soft-Sniping and Solo-Sniping modes are currently not available, but we are working on them. These modes will enable more granular sniping and allow for execution in later blocks (sacrificing token price for execution).

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