Get notified about executed transactions and receive different types of alerts.

Currently we support Telegram as a medium for delivering alert notifications. For the Executed Trades, we support Telegram notifications and in-app notifications (real-time).

For each alert type we provide a separate Telegram bot, since alert type has it's own nuances and frequency and separating them boosts the user experience and reduces spam.

Price Change and Price Target alerts are delivered via the same bot for simplicity.

Executed Trades are delivered via a specific bot - DEX Bot.

In order to be able to configure alerts and receive Telegram notifications, you will need to connect to a Telegram bot dedicated to the specific alert type you are interested in.

Connecting to a Telegram Bot

Once you're logged in into the TokenSight app, you can find the Notification settings on the left menu.

You can connect with the specific Telegram bot by clicking on the Connect button, after which you will be redirected to Telegram, where you can start the conversation with the bot. Afterwards, you are ready to receive notifications for different types of alert configurations.

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